Why I Started a Lifestyle Blog

 Why start a blog when my life was a messy boots nightmare, everything felt like it was falling to pieces and I was struggling to find my purpose in life? Typing my thoughts and sharing them with a nonexistent audience didn’t make sense.  Why pursue this when it might never feed me or pay my bills? Why?
Way back when, bloggers were seen as a little weird and alternative.  Blogging wasn’t mainstream.    Now, blogging has moved from something we laugh at to an important job.

The first time I started a blog was late 2003, early 2004.  That was back in the days when it was called “The Facebook” and no one knew what an influencer was.

In that time, blogging was a way to release and vent.  We talked about our day; we talked about our secret crushes.  It feels so different from the setup of current blogs; back then, I blogged on various free platforms and now I only use a self-hosted service.  Yes, I’m a diva lol.

I had no clue about the difference between WordPress.com or WordPress.org; I just wanted to rant against the man and see if I could drop some HTML code in my site to play terrible music when my page load.

when I moved to London I honestly thought I’d launch an empire and this town would bow at my feet

Throughout the years I blogged on and off, doing it for fun and never pushed myself to “take it seriously”.  Part of the issue was the lack of diversity in blogging; not seeing myself represented made me believe my story wasn’t needed or wanted.  Another problem was being Caribbean based meant there weren’t a lot of resources for bloggers.

I promised myself if I ever moved to a big city with opportunities, I would take my blogging to the ultimate level.  I would plan posts, take pics regularly (ha, still don’t lol!), I’d go to events and network.  I’d be that blogger chick with a kickass personality that everyone ate up.

When I moved to London, I honestly thought I’d launch an empire and this city would bow at my feet (insert evil laugh here!).

Instead, I struggled to adjust and fit in.  Finding a job was challenging in a system where references either make or break you, the culture shock was real, and this island girl missed the sun.  I sank into a depression. 


I woke up one day and said enough of this bullshit.  I closed my eyes, shut out the outside world and listened to my heart…

My heart said it was time to start the blog.

Yes, my life was still in mega shambles, and I was still clucking about like a chicken without a head.  Around that time I had recently lost my fulltime job, I was still depressed and emotionally tapped, my happiness was on low, but somehow starting a blog felt right.  It felt like the perfect time and place to start typing out all my shits.

Luckily a year before I had bought my domain name & hosting so I was all set.  And if you don’t know, I work in digital marketing, so those days of not knowing my WordPress.com from WordPress.org are over hunny.

Within a week, I had my blog and my first few posts.  I was open for biz.

What does my lifestyle blog mean to me?

My blog started as a means to help me get out of my depression and help me embrace my new city.   It gave me something to do and look forward to when I was in a rough place; this blog gave me a purpose.

This blog signifies growth, maturity, and overcoming pain.  You will have to fight me to get me to give up on Olliviette.com

There are days where it’s not easy but the joy I feel getting things done overtakes any frustrations I experience.

Blogging brings balance to my life

My life works best when I things I want to achieve.  Planning blog posts, writing and editing, scheduling social media – I enjoy these things as a Digital Marketer.

It’s one thing to approach these tasks for someone else but to do it for yourself takes it to another level. When I am working on a project like creating a website or writing content for myself, I get excited

I get a buzz investing in my blog.

I want to share my (geeky) black woman view

In 2019 I went through a mental shift and made a promise to be unapologetically Black and produce blackity black content.  I’ve always been that way, but I want my blog to be a reflection of that without any fear of repercussions.

Being a grown geek, being an awkward black woman, being someone who doesn’t give a frack about a lot of stuff is something we don’t see that often.  I’m here hunny.

The best part about my blog is…

II honestly do not care about fitting into the idea of what or who a lifestyle blogger should be.  I make my own rules, and I write about what feels real for me.

Being in the over 30 crowd, it could be so tempting to change me in an effort to attract a brand or make a quick buck but ya’ll can keep that.  Blogging has helped me double down on my confidence and my love for self.

At the end of the day, this is why I blog.

Do you want to start a blog?

I hope my reasons for blogging inspired you to become a blogger.  I know it can seem super scary to figure out what to do, how to set everything up but I got you!  I teach bloggers how to set up everything over on my other site, The Coco Creativ.

LEARN HOW TO START A BLOG Read my easy to understand How To Start A Blog guide (pssst…it’s FREE!).  You could start your blog today!

WHY YOU SHOULD GO SELF-HOSTED:  You might hear people talk about having a self-hosted blog, but you don’t what that means.  I share why it’s important and how to do it in this post.

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Why I Started a Lifestyle Blog

Hey guys, glad you liked this post!  The fun doesn’t have to stop. Here are a few of my fav posts!

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  • Bianca
    July 17, 2018

    OMG your why is why I keep pushing!! I love everything about your space, and I’m excited to join the ride.

    • Olli
      July 17, 2018

      Blessings Bianca!! When I write these posts I’m a bit of nerves, a bit of badass and a lot of me so I’m happy to know my reasons for blogging are connecting with people. Enjoy the ride!!!

  • Shana
    July 20, 2018

    Haha awesome. Someone told me to blog because I got alot on my mind. I totally relate.

    • Olli
      July 21, 2018

      I’m glad you took their suggestion; I love your blog! Anyone reading my reply to her – click on her name and go check out her blog!!

Why I Started a Lifestyle Blog