Pamper Yourself – Taking a Moment to Unwind with Spa Experience in London

Recently I’ve been embracing taking breaks, taking things slow and taking time for myself.

Truthfully, I am always switched on.  Half of the time when I’m watching a movie it’s while I’m trying to do some work.  I have forgotten the joy of allowing myself to simply enjoy the little moments. That’s one of the reasons why I asked some of my blogger buddies to share how they relax on a Sunday in (seriously, that post is a guide to pampering yourself at home!).

That recent blog post got me thinking of other ways that I can treat myself.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a slow Sunday lounging in pajamas, but I also wanted to do something outside my house.

So when an opportunity arose for me to enjoy an afternoon at a London spa, I was ready to be spa queen for the day!


Unwind with Spa Experience in London - the Gold Turkish Delight Treatment is so luxurious, you'll feel like a queen dripped in gold!


Spa Experience has three London locations: South Kensington, Islington and Bethnal Green – where I visited.

The main offering that attracted me to Spa Experience was their women-only days. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter (honestly, why aren’t you?), I shared I haven’t worn a bathing suit since I was 16.  The outing was a big deal for me so I appreciated being in a women-only space.

Spa Experience is split into two “zones” if you will; the actual spa and the treatment area.

Unwind with Spa Experience in London - the Gold Turkish Delight Treatment is so luxurious, you'll feel like a queen dripped in gold!


For my afternoon of pampering I got to choose from a variety of treatments and boy did I choose.  I selected the Gold Turkish Delight (70 mins) treatment.

It is described as such: A Full Body Scrub, Full Body Enveloping Massage, 9ct Gold Facial and you are invited to spend up to two hours in the thermal spa (Hamman, Sauna, Steam Room, Relaxation Lounge, Plunge Pool etc. after your treatment enjoying our signature Thermal Spa Experience.

Let’s get into the review of the spa and treatment.

I elected to try the spa first and I will be honest, it was lovely but it was a little overwhelming for me.  Keep in mind, while I do come off as confident, certain things make me nervous and I was a bucket of nerves in my new bathing suit in a room with strangers.

Now I’m not saying anyone was mean – quite the opposite!  The staff was amazing, the women in the spa were doing their own thing.  I’m just shy and I have a pokey outey fibroid belly!  

Luckily I made friends with Miss Isa, a spa regular.  She has been attending the spa for the past three years and goes up to three times a week!  Many members of the Bethnal Green community regularly use the thermal spa facilities as a way of unwinding and according to Miss Isa, some go every single day.  Now that’s dedication to taking care of yourself!

Other regulars made me feel welcome; they told me where to get the complimentary tea or how to use certain features of the spa.  Since I was a newbie their advice was very welcome.  After a quick rinse, it was time to start my treatment and this was the part I thoroughly enjoyed.


I cannot recommend the Gold Turkish Delight Treatment enough; it felt like it existed especially for me.


My spa therapist Natalie started the second part of my experience by giving me a body scrub.  This was exactly what my body needed and I even apologized in advance because I knew Natalie was about to take away some old layers.  The scrub smelled incredible and it was powerful enough without tearing at my skin.

After rinsing the scrub off, we moved onto the body rub with a magical concoction, a warmed Shea Butter which was infused with gold and various oils.  I was in heaven.


Unwind with Spa Experience in London - the Gold Turkish Delight Treatment is so luxurious, you'll feel like a queen dripped in gold!


This moisturized my skin to perfection but most importantly the flecks of gold made me look like a goddess in the light.  This is why this treatment is so extravagant, everything about it made me feel like a baller.

I am happy I went to the spa first because I wouldn’t have wanted this effect to wash off and interrupt my gold queen strut as I made my way home.  Just a note – the flecks did not off rub off quickly after the session but you get where I’m coming from. I just wanted to be walking bling.

After infusing my body with gold came my facial which was much needed.

Before my session, my skin was breaking out extensively across my forehead for some unknown reason.  I looked like a map of constellations. Since having my facial my skin hasn’t broken out.   The oils used in this mixture (a Moroccan based godsend) felt so good on my skin and this too had gold infused in it.

The facial was the perfect end to a luxurious afternoon.  Natalie even put a little extra bit of the gold flecks on my highlight areas so I would look extra cute lol!

Would I return?

Yes!  During my session, Natalie told me about their couple’s massages (I’m already thinking about Valentine’s day with the partner) and shared information about some of their signature treatments.  So if the Turkish Delight isn’t a signature treatment can you imagine???? ? ? ??? ?

The entire night I glistened and glowed, I felt like 24-carat gold come to life.  That’s reason enough for me to return.

An afternoon at the spa makes a great Christmas present, friends day, wedding party afternoon (there was a bridal party there when I attended) or an afternoon of spoiling yourself.  You can book a treatment or a spa session online.

Please book my girl Natalie, she was incredible.  She’s usually at the South Kensington branch – tell her Olli sent you!

My time at Spa Experience UK was complimentary, however, this review is my ballin’ like a gold goddess honest opinion.

Glad you liked this post!  The fun doesn’t have to stop. Here are a few of my fav posts!

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  • Rio
    December 4, 2018

    Sounds lavishly relaxing. Glad to see u take your time to wind down and pamper yourself.

    – Rio,

  • Zoe
    December 5, 2018

    Great post, I need to visit a spa soon ☺ important to pamper yourself.

    • Olli
      December 10, 2018

      The treatment was much needed!! Yes, pampering yourself at the spa is an amazing treat.

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Pamper Yourself – Taking a Moment to Unwind with Spa Experience in London