Out and About – October Adventures in London

Oh October, I still can’t get over how amazing the spookiest month of the year was.  Towards the end of last month I was blessed to attend a few events,  finally get out of my house and do something in this city.

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Bloggers Brunch

Enjoying Jamaican food with the promise of a drink or two?  Sounds great to me!

Because of my fibroids I don’t really eat traditional Caribbean food, plus I can’t be bothered to stand in the kitchen that long.  I said eff my diet and decided to enjoy a taste of Jamaica.

Three Little Birds is a beautiful restaurant in Clapham and I was highly impressed with the atmosphere and energy.   This isn’t a cliche, cheesy version of a Jamaican restaurant; it is classy without being uppity and it maintains its authenticity.

What made the day so special, apart from the food that I’ll talk about in a second, was getting to meet a few of the bloggers I chat with occasionally on Twitter.

A rundown of the brunch:

After being greeted with a shot of Appleton Rum (noice), we were treated to various bites from a special menu.



While everything served was delicious, my favs were the Ackee Spoon and the Carrot Cake.  I sure did have a few extra helpings of both. Let me tell you how good the food was, I had to literally pinch my arm to remind myself to take a few pics instead of just nam nam.



I love that they had vegetarian options that tasted AMAZING because how many times have you gotten a veggie something and not ONE LICK of seasonin?  Lordt.

Three Little Birds is the type of spot where you meet up with the girls for brunch, get together with the mommy group to chit-chat, come with your selfie bestie to Instagram everything (the restaurant has that Insta vibe) or meet up with bae for some island flavors.  Could def see myself heading back and enjoying a meal with the partner.


Black Girl Fest

Right after the brunch I headed towards Black Girl Fest.  I had been looking forward to this event so I was pretty excited to attend.

Launched in 2017, Black Girl Festival is a celebration of black girls and women.  The day long event included various discussions as well as a buzzing market featuring creations from various talented black women.

I will be straight up, going to BGF was more like an undercover mission – I am an artist and in 2019 I’ll start creating again.  Next year I want to sell my artwork so I’m scouting fairs/events to sell at and BGF is def on my list.


The support at the event was powerful.  So many people were snapping up products and honestly when it comes to art, you sometimes have to BEG people to buy something.  To see people buying art (and other products) with real appreciation?  Oh guess where I will be next year…

Aside from scouting the area, the whole vibe was uplifting and positive.  To see so many women literally glowing was beyond everything.  I left feeling motivated to do more so thank you Black Girl Fest.

If anyone is wondering why events like Black Girl Fest are necessary, I touch on this idea this post about diversity in blogging and my recap of volunteering at Black Pride.


Ear for Eye

My last outing of the month, and my favorite, was experiencing ear for eye.

ear for eye by Debbie Tucker Green touches on conversations of race, protests, how we react, demonstrations and how we navigate all of this in today’s world.



I ADORED this production and it was the perfect ending to Black History Month (UK).  The partner surprised me with this night out and I didn’t even know what we were going to see until I showed up.  Going into this without a clue allowed me to fully immerse myself in the magic unfolding in front of me.

When the lights dimmed, Debbie Tucker Green gave us a view into conversations and truths that are being had around the world.  There were times during the evening where I could hear my own words echoed in that room.  I’ve been the one saying we should march, we should make a difference and sometimes I’ve been the one saying we need to shut the hell up cause what the hell marching gon do but get you shot?

It made me think how racism in the UK is served with a dash of politeness; the racism here is a lazy river and not a swift current like it is in other places.  I had thoughts…

That night was amazing not only because ear for eye rocked my world but also because it was fun to have a date night.  I don’t mind going to a bar but having a date where you can talk about something deeper is the way to my soul.

You can see ear for eye at the Royal Court until Nov 24.  Ya’ll, go see it.

I’m not sure if November will hold any fun outings for me but I am so happy to have each of these experiences.  And I’m mostly excited because one of my goals when I started this blog was to get out and do more so…goals are becoming reality.

Have you done anything exciting recently?  Let me know below!

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  • Chloe
    November 14, 2018

    It looks like you went to some fabulous events over the last month. The blogger brunch looks delicious and it’s making me think of food again just looking at the photos! I’ve only just eaten 🙈
    Black Girl Fest and Ear for Eye sounds like they were interesting events to go too. I may have to try and go to one over the next year or so.
    I’m glad you had a fun October and hope November holds a lot of cool events for you too.

  • Lena Mistry
    November 14, 2018

    Omg the bloggers brunch look mouthwatering! 😀

    This is actually a great idea for a post.


  • aisasami
    November 14, 2018

    Black Girl Fest seems like a powerful fest! Glad that there is a fest for that to empower and promote black women!

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