Networking – The Secret Trick To Growing Your Small Blog

Network, network, network, gotta build that network, work, werk, wuk, werq!  Summer is a few weeks away, and for me, that is prime networking season.   The weather is lovely (well as pleasant as it can get for London); people are out and about, there are things to do, and I want to be a part of it.

Networking sounds like something guys in super expensive suits do while they yammer on about their stocks and how Fonsworth isn’t butlering correctly anymore.  But that’s not the case. Everyone networks and you’d be crazy to miss out on a chance to build your ties and strengthen your hustle.

I network all the time for my business, and this summer, I’m extending my networking to include this blog.

HEY!!  If you wanna network with me this summer, I am hosting my first event, and it’s all about branding!!  My Be a Branding Boss power session is July 13th, and I can’t wait to share all things branding with you!  Want to learn how to improve your branding? Grab your tix!

I’ve talked about networking for introverts on Coco Creativ (my biz and blog tips website), but today, I want to make a particular case for how bloggers can expand by networking.

This post is perfect if you want to start growing your blog, if you want to create alliances (yes this is survivor people) and if you’re going to reach new heights.

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Networking for bloggers – find blogger specific network events

While any networking event can be beneficial to you, blogger specific events rock because they’re…blogger specific!

That means you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers who are looking to collab on blog posts, take Insta pics in the city and work on growing your blogs together.  At a general networking event if you run around saying I’m a blogger, people are more likely to be confused because they won’t understand how to work with you (just my observation).

Unless you are a blogger that has other skills like Marketing or Graphic Design, a typical networking event might not be the place for you to hustle.  Blogging specific events are not limited to smaller blogger meetups.  This year I went to a blogger workshop and BlogCon; these events were specific to the blogosphere, but they were also educational environments.

Anytime an event is focused on us bloggers; I use that as a point to work the room with people who understand this world.


Networking for bloggers – be ready to represent your blog

This is an amateur move, but it’s forgivable if you do it your first time out at an event.  Always be on the ball, always rep your blog to the fullest.

I try to always bring my business cards (I’m so forgetful!) with me when I go to an event.  If you don’t have your cards yet (but you will soon, right?), you should at least have a notebook or a fully charged phone where you can capture the contact info of the people you’re connecting with.

Beyond knowing the name of your blog, you should know your niche and audience plus having a quick answer to “why do you blog” or “what is your blog about, who is your audience” never hurts.  People watch you and watch how you present yourself and the work you do.  You might be a small blogger, but being professional could help you fake it till you make it!

Networking for bloggers - can networking help your small blog grow? How to use blogger friendly events to grow your small blog, let's learn on
Networking for bloggers - can networking help your small blog grow? How to use blogger friendly events to grow your small blog, let's learn on


Networking for bloggers - can networking help your small blog grow? How to use blogger friendly events to grow your small blog, let's learn on



Networking for bloggers – create your own blogger events

If you don’t live in a big city, finding blogging events and blogging opportunities can be a bit difficult.  The answer, make your own blogging network event!  It doesn’t have to be over the top; it can seriously be drinks at a bar or a picnic at the park.  Even if you live in a big city, it’s okay to create your own event.   If you want to see a particular event out there, you should host it.

I mean, look at me; I took the plunge, and I’m hosting my first event this summer!

Be a Branding Boss is a very blogger friendly event and while it’s more about learning than 100% networking, you can connect with others at my event!  (Pssst….grab a tix, I want to help you level up!!).


Networking for bloggers – find blogger friendly events

Summer is going to be buzzzzzing with lots of activities so keep your eyes peeled for networking events.  Not sure where to find activities this season?

Where to find
blogger networking events

The Coco Creativ newsletter my weekly newsletter via The Coco Creativ often features community activities, and anyone can promote their project or event for free.  Join my newsletter fam and get a sweeet freebie when you sign up!

Twitter – this social media platform is my fav for finding connections.  I pay it forward by retweeting events so be sure to follow me, but it also pays to just keep your eyes peeled and connect with other bloggers.  Someone is always sharing something hype in the blogging community.

Eventbrite – occasionally you can hit payday on this website by finding a blogging specific event.  It’s how I found out about BlogCon!  You can also find a lot of workshops and classes for various blogging topics.

Google – literally, I just Google “blog events in London,” and it takes me on an adventure.  Use the terms ‘blogging events’, ‘blog networking’ ‘networking for bloggers’ – you get the idea.

Create your own – pick a date and time, put a call out on Twitter, and everyone just shows up!  Even if you get 5 bloggers, that’s 5 people who can connect that haven’t met up before.  You’re now an event coordinator! You rock!


Bloggers, are you ready to network this summer?

I cannot wait to hand my business cards out, and connect with new people.  Don’t dismiss networking in the blogosphere.  You can grow your blog immensely if you work with others and who says you have to wait for summer?  Spring still has a lot to offer us, so go out there and start applying these skills!

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1 Comment
  • Odette
    May 14, 2019

    Ollie this was a much needed read!!! I always wanted to know if bloggers needed a business card or not because to people all we do is “write”. This is great to know that I should eventually invest in this. However, my blog is not a huge fan base and I am still trying to grow my blog. I have almost had my website for about a year now but patience is key 🙂

    Thank You for the great tip and guidance… I really needed this encouragement!!!!

    Keep Blooming Ollie xoxo’s

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