Heavy Bleeder Hacks – How You Can Survive Heavy Periods Or Fibroids

If you suffer from a heavy or heavier than normal period, then this blog post is for you.  Welcome fellow heavy bleeders, this is a safe space where I’m sharing my heavy bleeder hacks.  Before you start griping about me talking about something “secretive” like periods and bleeding I want to remind you this is a normal part of life and we should not make conversations about our bodies taboo.

Chances if you’re talking to a person with a uterus; they are bleeding.

I am a heavy bleeder because of my fibroids.  In this post, I explain what fibroids are and how they changed my life.  For some reason, fibroids plague black woman more, and I’ll be brutally honest, it sucks.

Here are a few of my heavy bleeding truths:

  • In 2017 I bled non-stop for nearly five months.
  • Due to fibroids, my period can last up to three weeks.
  • I would regularly faint due to losing so much blood and being anemic
  • I have bled through my clothes more times than I can count because my bleeding suddenly increased (flooding)


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Heavy Period Help! Try these tips to help you with period. Great for people with #fibroids and other women health issues. #womenshealth #period


The last time I started bleeding for no reason was in November 2018 and I bled until February 2019.

I no longer have a regular period.  I take birth control which causes me to not have my regular period but I can start bleeding spontaneously, and when that happens I can bleed for however long my body decides.  The last time I started bleeding for no reason was in November 2018 and I bled until February 2019.  When I start bleeding, I have no idea if it will be heavy (it usually is) or if it will be heavy one day, light the next or just weeks of light bleeding.  It’s very frustrating.  Since my periods in the past were always heavy, and now my bleeds can be spontaneous and heavy, I have come up with a few ways to cope.

Now, these tips I’m sharing aren’t groundbreaking, but if you’re starting to bleed more than usual or you’re flooding or bleeding heavily due to a condition, this could make you feel more confident about your body.   I might name some brands in this post, but this is not sponsored.  I am sharing what works for me in the hopes to help someone suffering with heavy bleeding.


Heavy bleeder hack #1:  Create a Heavy Bleeder Toolkit

I always, always, always carry my kit with me.  Even if I’m simply walking to the store for bread and eggs, I have a pouch that has my essentials with me.  I have a mini kit (that only holds pads and baby wipes if I’m doing a short trip) and a full kit that includes everything.

My toolkit consists of:

  • Pads  – at the moment I like the Sainsbury’s basic pads (overnight and super).  Not only are they incredibly affordable but they’re way better than any of the name brand stuff I’ve ever used.  EVER.
  • Baby wipes – these come in so handy;  I buy these in bulk.
  • Panties – I don’t always have these in my pouch but if I know I’ve been bleeding extra heavily I’ll sometimes bring one with me.
  • Extra pants – same as the panties.  I’ll bring a pair of black jeans/pants if I’m going out for a long time and worried about bleeding through my clothes.
  • Pouch – I use a pouch to hold my pads/panty liners; I can squish a panty in there too.  Wipes, extra pants, other toiletries stay in my purse.


Heavy Bleeder Hack #2 – Embrace Granny Panties on Your Period

As a heavy bleeder, you cannot get away with wearing a thong or even a bikini style panty.  You need to embrace big fat granny pannies.

I am not ashamed to be part of team granny panties.  I usually buy my granny period panties from Primark as they’re very affordable and they hold pads in place properly.

They’re incredibly comfortable too, and I love wearing these even if I’m not bleeding.  Sorry to any eligible bachelors reading this post; you’re getting a woman who is probably wearing big bloomers under her LBD and loves it.

Period Proof Underwear

I hope to get my hands on a pair of period proof underwear.  They’re designed to be worn without pads or tampons.  For us heavy bleeders, try wearing them over your typical period setup as extra security.

Heavy Period Help! Try these tips to help you with period. Great for people with #fibroids and other women health issues. #womenshealth #period
Heavy Period Help! Try these tips to help you with period. Great for people with #fibroids and other women health issues. #womenshealth #period
Heavy Period Help! Try these tips to help you with period. Great for people with #fibroids and other women health issues. #womenshealth #period

Heavy Bleeder Hack #3 – Medication and Supplements For Your Period

Before I get into this hack, I want to remind you to consult your doctor before you start any medication or take any supplements.  I am not a professional, I am sharing what I use, but I’m not responsible for anyone but myself.  I consulted my doctor before taking anything.

Bleeding non-stop takes a toll on your health, both mental and physical.   Due to my fibroids and my non-stop bleeding, I became anemic; I was always tired and had zero energy.

I am a lot better now, but I still struggle.  Taking supplements and medication has been an enormous help.


Supplements for Heavy Bleeding on Your Period

My supplement routine includes:

Iron tablets // Acidophilus tablets // Vitamin D & K // General multivitamins // Dandelion tablets // Flax seeds // Spirulina powder //  I take these supplements & foods to fight my fibroids and my chronic Bacteria Vaginosis.   I will do a separate post breaking down how I incorporate these into my life.

Some of the supplements I take are for my fibroids, some for BV and all are for general health.  Since committing to my routine, I have a lot more energy than before.  When I was bleeding heavily, it even helped naturally slow down my bleeding for a period of time.


Tranexamic Acid for Heavy Bleeding On Your Period

I do take medication prescribed by my GP to help with very heavy bleeds.   Tranexamic Acid slows your periods or bleeding down to a “normal” amount for up to six hours.

These pills are helpful for times when you have to live life, but your body does not want you to win.  I do not take these regularly, only if I have somewhere important to go (like an event) and I am already bleeding heavily.


Heavy Bleeder Hack #4 – Learn what foods help and hurt your period

You are what you eat, so I’ve been trying to eat better and put healthier things in my body.  I have a fibroids procedure in September, and I want to be as healthy as I can.

Not only am I trying to get in better health for my procedure, but I also want to be a healthier me in general.


Ditch alcohol if you bleed a lot or have fibroids

Alcohol can cause you to bleed more so I would suggest avoiding it while on your period or bleeding.  Alcohol is also a no-no if you have fibroids.  Some foods feed fibroids and alcohol is one of them so drink in moderation.  Now I try to limit myself to two drinks a month (if that!) since getting serious about fighting my fibroids.


Reduce sweets and junk food when you’re bleeding a lot

Letting go of sweets and junk food might feel hard especially since chocolate makes us feel so much better when we’re on our periods but we need to tell those sweets buh bye.

Especially for my fibroid sisters, fibroids love unhealthy foods so starving them of the sweet snacks they crave could help with your symptoms, including bleeding.


Eat more greens + learn your foods

When I got serious about embracing a healthier diet, I started researching foods that were rumored to fight fibroids.  I discovered which foods were high in iron, something my body severely needs, and started learning more about what I was eating.  I’m still learning so keep your eye out for a food for fibroids post soon!

I get most of my healthy foods in at the start of my day with a nutritious, delicious smoothie.  Much different than my old breakfast of cookies and chips.  I’m serious, that’s what I’d eat for breakfast.


How to Survive When You Have Heavy Periods Or Fibroids

Are you a heavy bleeder?  If you noticed your period is heavier than usual book a scan to see if you have fibroids or other causes.  I was bleeding heavily for a long time before I finally found out what was going on.   If I had learned about my condition I would have made changes to my diet and lifestyle earlier.

Which one of my heavy bleeding hacks will you adopt, which ones do you use already?  Let me know below and if you ever need to chat about the issues of bleeding heavily, I’m here for you!  You can always DM me or send me an email.

Pssst…do you like this post?  I am quietly working behind the scenes to build up my fibroids platform where I will share info like this regularly.  If you want to see more fibroid-related content, please let me know. It’s my dream to create a platform where suffers from fibroids can connect and receive help, tips and info.  Thanks!!


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  • Adriana Gonzalez
    May 9, 2019

    Thanks for the good information! Will be waiting for more…maybe food lists and recipes.

    • Olli
      May 9, 2019

      Hi Adriana, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and the more you’re waiting for is very helpful! I am in the middle of planning out future content and creating fibroids related content so can’t wait to share that with you and everyone!

  • Yaya
    May 9, 2019

    This is a brilliant post Olli, I will share it. I’m so glad you got diagnosed! I have had my own journey with heavy bleeding and will tweet you a couple of posts I’ve written about it:)

    • Olli
      May 9, 2019

      Hi Yaya! I will keep an eye out for your posts. Thanks for reading and I hope your journey with heavy bleeding is getting better. I’ll be sure to share your posts too!!

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