My Experience Volunteering at UK Black Pride 2018

Pride was AWESOME!!!!   One of the perks of living in a city like London is there is always something happening.  June is Pride month and it’s a time when members and allies of the LGBTQ community can celebrate and promote their…pride lol.  It’s a month about building up the community, being visible, lending support and educating others.

UK Black Pride Featured

Attending Pride has been on my bucket list for a few years.  Through the Twitter (yes I just put ‘the Twitter’) I learned about UK Black Pride. I had no idea there was a Black Pride but as soon as I read the words black and Pride in the same sentence, I knew where I was going.

Even though I am awesome and a cool person, I don’t have any friends.  Sad but it’s my reality and I didn’t want to attend such a bomb event on my own BUT I didn’t want to miss out.  Best solution? Join the event as a volunteer.

I’m glad I didn’t let the lack of company force me to stay home.  I learned more about UK Black Pride, I got to experience the event and I know next year I’ll be going as an actual attendee (even if I go by myself).   If I had any doubts about volunteering, and there were zero doubts, this dope ass video they showed us at our volunteer meeting got me super pumped for the event.

My tasks during the event

  • I had one of the most important tasks of the day – helping people stay hydrated.  Hey!  Don’t underestimate this job, the heat is real hunny.
  • I helped performers get on stage in time to rock the crowd.  All of the performers were incredibly cool and it was really easy getting people where they needed to be.
  • I greeted people.  At first, this didn’t seem like a big deal, but when I thought about it I realized if I was entering the event and someone super hype wished me a happy Pride it would get me excited for the day.

My thoughts about UK Black Pride

It is so important for black people and people of color to have spaces where they can exist.  The beauty of UK Black Pride is it embraces everyone.  When you compare that level of acceptance to that of other Pride-related events, you understand how important that is.

UK Black Pride 1
UK Black Pride 4

Even in our volunteer meeting, there were black people from all around the world and there were non-POC present and the vibe was fulling welcoming.  I approve.

The first time I ever said I want to go to Pride was on my 30th birthday and subconsciously I was preparing to be in a very white space.  Having the opportunity to enjoy the love of the community while being surrounded by people who looked like me and understood the culture?  My soul needed that.  I honestly think if I had attended any other Pride I would fun but I wouldn’t have had the bruk it down type of fun I had at this event.

UK Black Pride 2

There are 365 days until the next UK Black Pride but I am highly suggesting you either attend or volunteer in 2019.  These are the spaces we are craving, these are the changes we need and we have to support.

If you went to UK Black Pride I hope you had an amazing time and I hope to see you guys next year!

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  • Malou
    August 7, 2018

    Ohh I didn’t know black pride existed but this is so good!! I can imagine that being amongst mostly other black people who understand the culture must feel so good! And it’s really clever you volunteered. I should try that because I also feel like I can’t go without a friend and I don’t really have a friend to go with rn. It’s great you’ll be able to go next year as a visitor though whether you go alone or not!

    • Olli
      August 8, 2018

      This pride is very diverse, it basically just feels like a safe space for everyone. I think I might end up volunteering again next year cause the experience was amazing.

  • Megan
    August 14, 2018

    This looks like such a great event! I’d never heard of it before but it looks so inclusive. Volunteering was probably an awesome way to meet people too, defo a good idea.

    • Olli
      August 14, 2018

      Yep this was so welcoming. Check it out, I am so happy to spread the word about this event!

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My Experience Volunteering at UK Black Pride 2018