Under Five Find: Cute and Affordable Lingerie from Primark

I have a sad confession to make: I have never owned lingerie. Ever. I’m not talking about the typical bra or panty – duh, I have underwear. When I say I’ve never owned lingerie I mean something feminine, girly, seductive, sexy. I have never bought anything that hypes my womanly feeling.

I have slowly come to accept my body but there are still things about it that annoy the crap out of me. One of those things I can’t stand is my boobs; my breasts are a decent size but my body is small which makes bra shopping difficult. If large chested women want to walk around with their breasts hanging that’s fine but I personally do not like having my breasts droop. I like my boobs up, high, and supported so finding a bra is difficult. Now imagine shopping for lingerie.

The one time I tried to purchase something sexy I gave up about twenty minutes in. Meanwhile, my smaller sized cousin was shopping up a storm in Victoria Secret without trying a thing on! The nerve, the audacity. She could just…throw em in her basket…without??? Imagine….

Affordable Primark Lingerie Featured

That was six years ago so I decided to give lingerie shopping another shot in the hopes of awakening my sensual side. The thing is I am on a tight budget so I knew whatever I found would be something I was settling for quality wise.

I had to give myself a reality check – my ass could only afford Primark. So I happily marched my butt into Primark and took on the challenge. I was going to find something affordable that made me feel sexy (or at least cute) and I was going to rock it.


The result? This set for only £5! I almost dismissed this but at the last minute I took a chance and tried it on. Let me share what I love and what’s meh.


  • The price has to be my first love. Since I’m on a struggle budget, I appreciated this was a two piece and I got a good deal for my money. Some of the other bralettes available started at £8 and that’s without any matching panties. Winning!
  • This set came in some really cute colors. I chose this wine color because I feel it is sultry and since it didn’t come in black (which I would have preferred) I chose the next darkest color. The available colors were olive, light blue, light pink (SOOOOO cute) and white. I don’t like wearing light undies so hello wine.
  • This is easy to put on (and take off…). There’s no clasp so it’s easy to adjust and I believe that helped this particular bralette fit better than some of the other options I tried.
  • It made me feel cute. I’m not sure if this was because it was the only option out of about 8-9 that actually made my boobs look good or if it’s because I actually feel good about myself in it. I only tried it on again once after shopping and it was just to see how I looked wearing it in my own environment. Time will tell.


  • I really wanted this in black. I’m happy it wasn’t available because it made me try something new but I think it would have been so sexy in that color.
  • The fit is a little off. Remember I mentioned my body being small? The bottom part of the bralette is a little large and doesn’t fit as tightly as I would like.
  • The cups only give minimal support (but I expected that). None of the bralettes I tried on genuinely supported me but this did the best job. If I lean over and make adjustments it’s okay but I would only wear this set in the house or I would wear it out and about if I went on vacation. I don’t feel comfortable without a lot of support.

Final Verdict

I am happy with this. I originally had a budget of £10 so this was a steal! I have always wanted to try the bralette style but because of my breasts I’ve been hesitant. For something so cheap (I mean let’s call it what it is) It’s okay. A solid 6.5 out of 10.

I really wanted to try a teddy but Primark wouldn’t allow me to try it on because of hygienic reasons. I didn’t argue but due to my boobies I wanted to see if it would fit. I would have worn my own underwear with it (safety first) but it’s really weird to me that they don’t have those plastic panty guards in ANY of their panties.

The first thing I did when I got home was wash both pieces because hygiene and I’m reminding you guys to do the same whenever you buy anything new, no matter what it is. I think if my budget allows or there’s an amazing sale I might venture into teddy shopping at Victoria Secret.

Are you lingerie obsessed? Leave me a lingerie tip in the comments like where you go shopping for your favs, a hot spot for a big boob/dainty body girl or even what you do to look sexy in the bedroom! Can’t wait to read em!


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  • Jenna
    August 13, 2018

    Well looks like I have to give Primark a visit!
    Loved this post it was very informative, also love the price point.

    Thanks girl

    • Olli
      August 13, 2018

      Yeah, there are actually a few cute pieces at a higher price point and for the price I feel they look like a decent quality. I’m enjoying this set so maybe I’ll pick up a lil summin summin.

  • Anjhanee
    August 13, 2018

    I am definitely not lingerie obsessed, but I’d love to find some nice pieces. I’ve never owned any true lingerie either, but after reading this I just may go out and get a few pieces! Thank you so much for sharing! (:

    • Olli
      August 13, 2018

      I’ve been wearing the bralette almost weekly since purchasing this set. I have to say, for £5, it’s a cute piece. I think if my boobs were smaller it would be PERFECT but I am really feeling myself and can’t wait to invest in more quality pieces. For now, I’m enjoying this affordable set!

  • Kaye
    August 14, 2018

    Oh my need to rush to the nearest Primark now. Been looking around for the bralette and didn’t know you could get them this cheap. Thanks for sharing.

    • Olli
      August 14, 2018

      Yep, they have quite a few other bralettes in the £5-8 pound range that were CUTE!! This one just happened to be the best fitting but check it out!

  • Megan
    August 14, 2018

    Primark is insanely good for lingerie! Almost all of mine comes from there, and it’s always been sale pieces that cost just a few pounds. Thanks for sharing, now I definitely want to hit up Primark again

    -pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com xo

    • Olli
      August 14, 2018

      Yeah I feel I’ll pick up a few more pieces. I hope they have a few cuties on sale the next time I go.

  • Merrell-Ann
    August 14, 2018

    I really enjoyed this post. The set you got was an absolute steal and the colour is to due for. It goes to show that you don’t always have to spend a whole leap of money to get something nice. Going to pop to Primani this week to see if I can get myself a little something xx

    • Olli
      August 14, 2018

      So glad to inspire. I wish this came in navy, that would look AMAZING. Hope you find something sexy!

  • Shayla “batmom”
    August 14, 2018

    Great post! I love the color and the fact you stepped out the box and tried another color. I’m a top heavy human and I know the struggles! I had gave up but you just gave me big boob lingerie hope🙌🏾

    • Olli
      August 17, 2018

      Shayla go out there and try something new! I’m so happy I didn’t give up and I’m looking forward to my next lingerie purchase. I feel so womanly when I wear this.

  • Arteria
    August 14, 2018

    I like this . This is cute and a good price . I will check this out I need some for my birthday . Thanks for the ball on a budget . Love it !!

  • Natonya
    August 16, 2018

    I don’t really have any sexy lingerie because my body shape is so hard to shop for. I’m a curvy petite frame, kinda borderline plus but a small waist. So I’m always looking for pieces that cater to setting a solid foundation to wear under my clothes. I must admit, your lingerie set is gorgeous and makes me want to invest in some sexy pieces because every woman deserves to treat herself!

    Natonya | http://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    • Olli
      August 17, 2018

      That was the whole thing with me and shopping for lingerie. My boobs are big, waist/back is tiny and It’s so frustrating. I’m not saying this is the best for what it is, I am digging it. It’s made the thought of doing this again less daunting and I feel so sexy!

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Under Five Find: Cute and Affordable Lingerie from Primark