about olliviette, who is olliviette

I’m a “regular” 30+ y.o. woman with a big voice – that’s it!

I started this blog to help me try new things, meet new people and have new experiences but this blog also exists so I can share life through my quirky lens.

My journey is one peppered with the knowledge that my hair is coily, my melanin is poppin, my energy is on ten and my vibe turns heads….

Oh yeah, call me Olli

more about me

When I’m not busy being a superhero by moonlight and a lifestyle blogger by daylight you can find me working on The Coco Creativ.

Coco Creativ exists to help small bloggers + business owners learn about their new digital world and gain the confidence to stand out online.  Learn tips and tricks on the blog or book a one-on-one coaching session with me (I’m a bomb teacher, I promise).

Professionally, I am a creative; I am a graphic designer with years of experience in Digital Marketing and I’ve been an artist since day one.

Olliviette is about being loud, having fun, sharing thoughts and uplifting others.  You can see it reflected in my posts and the way I connect with my growing community.  If you’d like to work with me, please reach out via e-mail with details of your project.  I’m open to a wide variety of ideas, including:  sponsored posts // product reviews // events // blog collaborations // interviews + features

Loving the graphics + visuals on my site?  Enjoy the way I write?
Thanks!  I am a graphic designer, content creator and creative soul.  I am available for a range of creative projects including:  design work // social media consulting // small blogger + small business consulting // speaking opportunities.  You can learn more by visiting my other website, The Coco Creativ, or you reach out to me directly with: hello@thecococreativ.com.  Please note, for Coco Creativ, I only accept paid opportunties.

Interested in something else I didn’t list?  This blog is new so I’m slowly building my space on the internet.  However, I’ve had some amazing experiences over the years that might align with a project you’re working on.  From sitting on the planning committee of a successful food+ wine festival, to working with top designer Tom Filcia, to speaking at various events about starting a business or navigating depression while being black – I’ve got experiences under my belt.  Reach out and lets chat: hello@olliviette.com