2019 New Year Resolutions – The Drastic Ways I’m Transforming My Life

It’s time to think of new year resolutions again; I must have muttered where did the year go a good three times while prepping for this post.  Seriously though, where did the year go?

A few weeks back I started getting my mind ready for the end of the year “new year, new you” stuff.   I talked about it a bit in my November goals post.   In the past I used to make fun of this mindset because everyone who said the new year was their year always ended up back to their same ol shit by January 20th.

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how new year resolutions will help transform your life. Learn ways to get the most out of your 2019 resolutions.

The mockery of the new year transformation was during my early 20s and ten years is a lot of time for me to mature and change my views.  I’ve come to learn new year, new you can work if you work.  Not everyone goes back to their old ways come the third week of January – some go back by the fourth week, lol.

Why am I embracing this now?

Well, I told you guys before, my life is shit.  I’ve reached a point where I have to face the shittiness and I have to spank its ass.  I’m tired of being broke, I want to have a better quality of life, I want to have some savings and be a mommy one day, I miss being an artist.  I miss being me.

This bootleg version of life is not the business.

Also, I have to thank the universe.  This year I started dating the partner and they have their shit together on so many levels.  When some people start dating someone who has money, a banging career and all the things that “successful people have” they say cool, I done made it now but all I’ve been saying is that’s their shit.  That money, that house, that success ain’t mine; I gotta get that stuff for myself!

So what’s the plan O?

My thirties was supposed to feature fibroid free days, my art selling for thousands, lazy Sundays in with my partner and whispering the plans for the revolution to my mini-me.

The life I have right now is not that but it’s not too late to get to an alternate version.  So going forward I am not letting the bullshit get me down.  I am doing what’s best for me to get a better me. And if you don’t know, I don’t care.  I don’t give a damn. I will live my best life.


2019 is a hustle year.  Don’t bother me, I’m working.

Next year I am focusing on specific areas and making changes so I can build a solid foundation for my 35th year of life.  I don’t want such a big year to meet me living a hustle; I want to be 35 and living comfortably.  And I don’t want to spend the last half of my 30’s trying to get things 1% better for my 40s…no, this change has to happen now.


What I’m focusing on

There are key areas that need to be fixed.  I’m not talking slap some paint on it and call it a day; I’m talking fully gutted, smudged, and new hardwood floors fixed.  Here’s what I’m focusing on:



I already have a budget but I know I could budget even harder.  The easiest ways to make money sometimes is to rethink how we use what we already have.  I’m focusing on staying on budget, and saving harder. Bonus: I would like to learn how to make my money grow.  I’ve always wanted to have stocks or invest in something but always felt like I couldn’t so next year even if I can’t afford to do it, I will learn.


As of drafting this post I’ve already decided to be more aggressive with getting these freaking fibroids out of my body.  I am TIREDER THAN TIRED ASS TIRED.  I have already started chasing the doctors for my next appointment and I am re-committing to my diet and supplements.  The other areas I’m focusing on is my mental health (I want to get back into therapy next year) and exercising….I hate exercising.



This year I started taking self-employment seriously.  I used to pick up an odd job here or there but I sat myself down and said, let’s get this business out of your mind and into the world.  Coco Creativ is more than just me blogging about tips; I still freelance. I’m working on bringing everything together in perfect harmony.  I want the Coco Creativ blog to grow, the coaching services to thrive and I want to have a steady stream of clients.

I’ll also add Olliviette to this section.  Right now, this blog isn’t a business but I do see the potential to grow it into a source of income and opportunity in the future.  It’s important to me that this doesn’t become one of those blogs that lose its authenticity just for some money. I love this blog too much for that.

Business is going to be my biggest focus and challenge next year because I cannot see myself working for someone else again and if I want to make any of my other goals happen, I have to build up my income.


Personal growth

Education – in the past two years I haven’t grown on a me level.  I’ve slacked on staying current with certain things so I’m getting my education up.  There are a few online courses I want to take and a few new things I want to soak up.  (If you want to level up too you can get 2 free months of premium online courses via Skillshare.  I’m interested in their photography courses and business courses).

Experiences wise – I stay home about 95% of each month; I rarely go anywhere.  In October I went to a few events including a banging blogger brunch where I met a few other bloggers and I realized I gotta do more especially in a city that always has something going on.

My spirit is hungry – I started learning about Buddhism but I got scared and stopped.  I’m taking it up again because my soul felt at peace when I chanted.  I’m not sure I want to invest in it all the way but I want to learn about it and make that choice when it’s right.

Looks – I look like a bran muffin; I am so boring.  All I’ma tell you is next year I want to break necks when I walk into the room.  Whoever is saying looking good is not personal growth can stay looking like a bran muffin.

Those are the main areas I want to focus on.  There are a few things that I didn’t share cause some stuff I just need to keep to myself, but yeah.  I’ll admit I am having a tough time with the relationships part of my goals.

I’ve talked about never being in love, I’ve talked about not having any friends and I am honestly conflicted about whether I should focus on these next year.   I don’t know if these will add to my year or if they’ll distract from it so it’s on a “we’ll see” level.

How does it work?

Although I’ve laid this all nice and neat for you guys on the blog, some of these plans are really intense.  I know for my Business goals I’ve got entire strategies planned out.

The entire focus:

  • Give myself deadlines
  • Do the things I am afraid of
  • Tick things off my lists
  • Build a solid foundation for myself
  • Regularly check my ass if I’m not doing my ish

Usually, I would say I’m not that harsh with myself when I don’t accomplish my goals, it’s a learning point.  However, next year I’m gonna be brutal; I’m pushing myself harder than ever. I’m tired of adulthood whooping my ass.

Are you thinking about 2019 already?  Do you have any big goals for the new year? Let me know below!

2019 New Year Resolutions – The Drastic Ways I’m Transforming My Life

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  • Maya
    November 29, 2018

    Looking after your mental health is so important! Good luck☺️

  • Georgina Nderitu
    November 29, 2018

    I can’t wait to read your progress on all these…

    Stay positive and stay focused!!

    Lots of love

    • Olli
      December 10, 2018

      Thanks for the encouragement! Work has already begun (yay to starting things before January!) and I’ll def be sharing updates throughout the new year.

  • Erica
    November 29, 2018

    Keep in mind that if you want to grow this blog as a business, ad companies like Google Adsense turn down sites that use swear words on their pages. I think you’ve carved out solid goals here and they are strong! I’ve been so busy finishing up my semester at college that I haven’t even set my goals, so you’ve really gotten me thinking. I too am a bran muffin. That made me smile and I think I’ll add bran muffin to sparkly donut transformation to my list.

    • Olli
      December 10, 2018

      Hi Erica, I know some companies don’t appreciate swearing but I swear and that’s a part of mybranding and my energy. So I guess I’ll be looking for opportunities that want to partner with a real, quirky, loud black woman. Lol that’s the whole gist of this blog! I’m glad you think my goals are solid, I try to be realistic when planning anything for my future. I really hope we both transform into our ultimate sparkly donut selves.

  • Ashanty
    December 8, 2018

    I love how you’ve broken down your resolutions into different areas of your life. I can resonate so much, especially the finances. I don’t want to keep making excuses and need to get serious about budgeting and investing. Thanks for sharing, it’s very insightful x

    • Olli
      December 10, 2018

      Glad this spoke to you! I think finances will always be that one thing that brings everyone together, no matter where they are in their lives. I am really tired of being broke and that’s why this I have to make the changes to reach financial freedom. I hope you stay updated with me through this journey!

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2019 New Year Resolutions – The Drastic Ways I’m Transforming My Life